How Being Sick Made Me Think Clearly



 A month or so ago I got sick.

Not the normal ‘ugh, I’m sick, I guess I’ll only perform at 80% of my capabilities’-sick. No, I got the ‘oh-no-OH-NO-which-end-is-coming-out-of-this-time?!?!?’-sick. Ish. My body was an aching, sweaty, shivering mess, and there was no eating anything for a couple of days. We’ve all been there… sweating, shivering, one instant thinking you should get more blankets and another sweatsuit to layer on the three you’re already wearing; stripping to your skivvies the next.



Have you ever thought about being sick? REALLY thought about how it affects you and yours? I hadn’t. I just dealt with it, took my cough drops, my Nyquil, and went through a forest of tissues. But if you stop to think about it, it’s actually kind of a big deal. And thinking about working for yourself, it’s exponentially bigger. What if you get so sick that you can’t bill for your time?


 The Hours You Don’t Get Paid For

When you’re a consultant, you bill for each hour worked. If you don’t work for an hour, you don’t bill. If you work for a firm, you’re still getting a cushy salary, but if you work for yourself, you get zilch. So, what if you are sick? You can’t bill for time while you’re sick, can you? So… what can you do about it?


One Step Beyond…

With a product business, your product is able to be sold whether you’re sick, healthy… or working on updates / features of your product, or even… wait for it… another product. Yeah. I said it… thinking about building products to mitigate the effects of sickness made me come to realize that a side-benefit of building a successful product is that you will then have time, and money available to work on a NEW product! Wow, what a simple revelation!


Maybe We’re Terminal?

If you’re like me, you probably spend waaaay too much time thinking about how to do things better, new features, things to test, questions to ask users… and you probably have a list of other products to work on even though you’re still working on the current one, right? It’s a disease… but you know what? I’m okay with never finding the cure!




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