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Amy Hoy’s Sales Safari – In Practice

    Full Disclosure: I’ve never attended any of Amy’s classes, never spoken to her, and my only email response from her was a bit… well… let’s just say, she is her own person, and she didn’t give a rat’s posterior about my tidbit. I respect the crap out of her for that though. 🙂   So, Amy has this… Read more →

How Being Sick Made Me Think Clearly

   A month or so ago I got sick. Not the normal ‘ugh, I’m sick, I guess I’ll only perform at 80% of my capabilities’-sick. No, I got the ‘oh-no-OH-NO-which-end-is-coming-out-of-this-time?!?!?’-sick. Ish. My body was an aching, sweaty, shivering mess, and there was no eating anything for a couple of days. We’ve all been there… sweating, shivering, one instant thinking you should… Read more →

The $5,000 / Month Challenge – First Month Update

The First Month Report So, it’s been 35 days since I kicked off this challenge, wow, how time flies! In this time, I’ve had a number of successes, setbacks, conquered some of my (stupid!) fears, and have been making some progress towards my goal. I’ve also had some things in my personal life intertwined with this that is making it…… Read more →

I Put The “Pro” in Procrastination

Why Reading Sucks This week I’ve been doing a lot of reading about ways to find pain points, and how to talk to customers, and how to write copy, and how to target your initial customers, and how to define your target audience, and…. basically everything EXCEPT actually DOING these things!   Reading sucks! What a total time-suck! It’s so… Read more →

Stuck on the Technology

Professional Technology Paralysis I build websites for a living, and have for many years. I work with a very specific piece of ecommerce software, and I’m an expert with it. But that causes trouble when it comes time to do side projects. I get excited about working with new things, and have trouble settling on one option!   History Keeps… Read more →

Starting The $5,000 / Month Challenge

  A Personal Challenge to Start a Recurring Revenue Business in 2015   Over the years I’ve “tried” to get a small business going, and I’ve had success on par with my effort, meaning I’ve always come up with an idea, thrown a bunch of time and effort at it, then felt gloomy when it didn’t make millions.   A… Read more →