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look on the bright side

My $5k/month challenge 2+ years later

  If you watch the stock market, or even your 401k or IRA, you might see the flow… buy a stock, watch it go up a little – you’re feeling pretty smart… then BAM! It plummets, and so quickly you don’t have time to cash out, and recoup your investment. Ugh. So you let it be, and ignore it for… Read more →

Amy Hoy’s Sales Safari – In Practice

    Full Disclosure: I’ve never attended any of Amy’s classes, never spoken to her, and my only email response from her was a bit… well… let’s just say, she is her own person, and she didn’t give a rat’s posterior about my tidbit. I respect the crap out of her for that though. 🙂   So, Amy has this… Read more →